We can send you an 800 number and a pin to append your message to our system or you can email us an .wav file or MP3 or MP4 file with your 60 second message

The price of the robocalls is a la cart. Depends on how many numbers in your database.

The price for this service variates upon the amount of calls that you are willing to make:

Less than 5,000 calls: $ 0.07 per call

10,000 - 100,000 calls: $0.06 per call

100.000+ calls: Special Discount (Book for a quote)

Line Provision/Edit/ Set Up Fee ($250)

We can also send an e-mail or text messages with hyper-links for a special price as low as $.06 cents each.

We even have Press 1 Transfer Capabilities!

Call charges for numbers in your database. Includes 60 seconds messages, dial to disconnect time. Completed calls include human answered, answering machines, data / fax machines, pagers, and cellular phones. We will not knowing attempt to reach data/fax machines, pagers or cellular phones, unless otherwise specified. Rates subject to change without notice. Book a free consultation if you want to know the exact price for your campaign.

As long as 1 or 2 hours depending on how busy the season is. However, it is better to pre-plan your robocall campaign in advance.

Calls are paid for in advance of the calls going out. Please leave your contact information and we will reach out to you. https://robophonecalls.com/contact-us

We send you an invoice through PayPal where you can pay by credit card or a check in advance. For larger volumes of calls, we suggest you wire the funds because neither one of us wants to pay high credit card fees, right! Please leave your contact information and we will reach out to you. https://robophonecalls.com/contact-us

Answer? When would you like people to commit to you and your campaign? Yesterday!

IKJ Services simultaneously delivers your digitally recorded message (s) or surveys over multi-line telephone systems capable of meeting any job requirement. If a called party is not home or the line is busy, our systems will recall that household as many times and as often as you desire until completing the call. Calls reaching answering machines are detected, and at your option, may have an alternate message delivered.

Anytime is a good time to let your voters know you’re interested in them, but we’ve found that calling during the month prior to your election has produced excellent result. We’d like thirty days notice for our planning and to assist you with your data analysis and message recording. If you have immediate needs, please call. Be aware that you can change messages at any time…even after calling has begun. This is a great way to respond to those inaccurate criticisms often leveled just days before the election.

There are several variables involved in determining the number of calls made…message length, percentage of answering machines, length of message on the answering machine, etc. Our systems can be set to call to either a specified dollar amount or specified number of completed calls. In both cases, our systems are optimized to get maximum benefit from your expenditures.

Two things… a list of individuals to call and your recorded message (s). You can record your messages via telephone by calling one of our Digital Numbers assigned to you. It’s fast and easy…just like recording messages on an answering machine or voice mail system. Your list of names can be via email in an Excel format. If you wish your lists can grouped by particular demographics, to include fields with distinguishing data. We’ll segment your lists and report the results.

Yes, this is telemarketing, but with a significant difference…you are the one calling. No, this won’t cost you votes. Our experience has shown that a concise, well delivered, and meaningful recorded message from someone your constituents know or recognize is preferred over a live call from an operator who they don’t know. Recognition, message content, and message delivery are the keys. The use of the telephone has been a very useful and necessary tool for successful campaigns. Yet, there are problems that concern a candidate: inconsistent message delivery, the inability to reach large numbers of voters, and if you don’t have adequate volunteers… cost. IKJ Services delivers a known, consistent message, can reach thousands of voters per hour, and per voter costs are one of your lowest cost media choices.

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