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Robo Calls and Messages

Our automatic call & text services give candidates and groups the tools to quickly, easily, efficiently, precisely, and affordably deliver individual phone calls to voting households. Whether you want to target an entire state, a district, a precinct, or anywhere to are looking for. Whether you're trying to communicate with men, women, elderly people, or young adults, personalized phoning can get your message over when and how you want.

With this service, you will be able to:

  • Describe your stance on several problems.
  • Utilize multiple-question questionnaires to gauge voter sentiment
  • Let your supporters hear your endorsements.
  • Make people recognize your name
  • React to arguments made by opponents
  • Tell them to vote for you

You will also have:

  • Automated phone calls, more calls, less money, a better message.
  • Poll voter opinion via multi-question surveys
  • Let your voters hear endorsement messages.
  • Generate name recognition.
  • Respond to opposition statements
  • Remind them to vote for you or your position
  • Robo calls can be utilized year-round to get your message out.
  • Call voters with a one minute message about your month priorities.
  • Send out a greeting for the holidays.

The price for this service variates upon the amount of calls that you are willing to make:

Less than 5,000 calls: $ 0.07 per call

10,000 - 100,000 calls: $0.06 per call

100.000+ calls: Special Discount (Book for a quote)

Line Provision/Edit/ Set Up Fee ($250)

We can also send an e-mail or text messages with hyper-links for a special price as low as $.06 cents each.

We even have Press 1 Transfer Capabilities!

Call charges for numbers in your database. Includes 60 seconds messages, dial to disconnect time. Completed calls include human answered, answering machines, data / fax machines, pagers, and cellular phones. We will not knowing attempt to reach data/fax machines, pagers or cellular phones, unless otherwise specified. Rates subject to change without notice.

$0.07 cents each

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